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We are Nepal’s first member-supported independent digital publication. Our stories examine politics, the economy, society, and culture. We look into events both current and past, offering depth, analysis, and a fresh perspective. We invite you to explore our features, explainers, long reads, multimedia stories, and podcasts. There’s something here for everyone.


Our Mission

We aim to publish the most trusted journalism in Nepal while staying true to our values of editorial independence, accountability to our readers, and innovation.

At The Record we believe that frank discussion of caste, gender, wealth, and ethnicity is essential to improving society. We work to inform our readers about the issues affecting all Nepalis so that they can hold public and private sector leaders accountable and shift the current imbalance of power. While our reporting frequently spotlights abuses of power and trust, we also show how public policy and community efforts bring meaningful change. We share perspectives that expand the way we understand Nepal—its past, its present, and its future.

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Our Team



Pranaya SJB Rana, Editor-in-Chief @inkthink
Marissa Taylor, Assistant Editor @MarsaTay
Aishwarya Baidar, Reporting Intern
Sajeet M. Rajbhandari, Reporting Intern
Prasansha Rimal, Reporting Intern
Shristi Sherchan, Social Media Intern



Bicky Maharjan Administrative Officer
Dishebh Raj Shrestha Marketing and Design Manager
Gyanu Adhikari Publisher / Co-Founder @saatdobato
Kate Saunders Operations Manager / Co-Founder
Kristi Maskey Project Manager


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